Learning Support


Support Teachers – Inclusive Education work in collaborative partnerships to achieve educational outcomes for all students by developing a whole school commitment to inclusive practices in an evolving educational environment.

The Support Teacher (Inclusive Education) has key partnership responsibilities together with the school leadership, teachers, parents, consultants and other professionals, in fostering a school culture that enhances the educational outcomes for all students.

The principles of Inclusive Education will provide the flexibility to respond to the diverse needs of students as required at any given time.

The Support Teacher (Inclusive Education) operates under the direction of the Principal with professional networking and support links to other BCEO key personnel. It is a diverse role  that integrates collaboration, management and  consultation with a variety of stakeholders in a team  approach at any given time.

The Support Teacher – Inclusive Education services our school community by: 

  • Diagnostic assessment to inform planning for student progress
  • Coaching teachers in innovative design and delivery for students with diverse learning needs
  • Collaboration with Guidance Counsellor to formulate plans for students who need support in  areas of learning
  • Consultation with Allied Health professionals (Speech pathologists, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists) to formulate individual support plans to achieve student progress
  • Managing curriculum  adjustments for diverse learners
  • Directing support staff in how to best support the diverse needs of learners they are supporting in the classrooms
  • Teaching students in 1-1  or small groups  to meet educational needs
  • Meeting with parents to discuss concerns and formulate pathways for student progress.

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