2024 School Leaders

All Year 6 Leaders received their badges in early February as part of a Welcome and Commissioning Liturgy that was beautifully prepared and presented by Mr Armstrong, APRE and the Year 6 teachers and their classes. This is a special moment in the lives of these young students at St Catherine's. They have been a wonderful group as they have moved through the school and I know they are more than ready to step into the school leadership role. We wish them all the best for an amazing last year at our incredible school. 

While each and every one of our Year 6 students were commissioned and blessed as our 2024 School Leaders, some of our Year 6 students have been called to a special ministry of service this year at St Catherine’s. 
These students,  who had nominated themselves, presented a short speech about why they believe they should be chosen to serve as House Captains and School Captains. They spoke to their peers about the many qualities of being a Servant Leader, such as treating others with respect, standing up for others, being kind and caring. They spoke about the various roles and responsibilities they would accept. 

Our Year 6 School Captains and House Captains will be responsible for the organisation of some of these aspects of our school life: 
  • Running Assemblies 
  • Looking after the Environmental and Sustainability elements such as Composting and Recycling 
  • Organising the school’s Social Justice initiatives – Caritas, Romero Centre and other appeals throughout the year. 
As a community we celebrate the achievements of our athletes through Age Champion trophies, poets at the Poetry Festival, Writers and Mathematicians through ICAS Testing. We also provide an avenue for the Leaders in our community to find their role and voice in the Y​ear 6 group. It must be remembered that ALL children in Year 6 will be leaders and all will have many responsibilities. We are excited to be able to provide this uniq​​ue opportunity to the children. 

School Captains:

Ana M and Rory F


House Captains: 
Yuggera (Blue) – Sasha F and Ewan S​
Conway (Gold) – Lizzie C and Chloe N
O’Shea (Green) – Declan J and Sophie V
Rush (Red) – Sophie M and Hugh P

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