Visible Learning Principles


St Catherine’s believes in building quality relationships and is committed to the principles of Visible Learning.  Visible Learning draws on John Hattie’s International research meta – analysis about what educational leaders and teachers do that has the most positive impact for each student’s learning, progress and achievement.

The Visible Learning Principles that all classrooms engage in are:

1.      Clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: -

Students achieve better results when they understand what it is they are meant to be learning and what it looks like if they are successful. If they know where they are going it is more likely that they will end up there! Visible learners see themselves, peers and teachers as co-teachers and co-learners.

 2.      Descriptive Feedback:-

Feedback that moves student learning forward and helps students know what to do next to improve their learning.

 3.      Formative Assessment:-

Formative assessment strategies are used to collect evidence of achievement to identify where our learners are, where they need to go and how to get them there.

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