Welcome to St Catherine's Video

​In the second half of 2020, our school was invited to participate in a pilot program to enhance school profile information on the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority’s (ACARA) My School Website.  Being part of the pilot program enabled our school to create a 3-4 minute, video.  The video is intended to complement the information already published on My School and will give schools an opportunity to tell a story about themselves using members of the school community.​

We gladly accepted the invitation and got to work by first creating a script for the film and then recording various aspects of St Catherine’s. The pilot was also undertaken in partnership with Filmpond who provided the platform for film editing at no cost to the school.

Our school’s video along with a handful of other schools around the country will be presented to Education Ministers for consideration to be published on the ACARA My School Website for our school’s profile page.  However, we have been able to publish the video to our own school’s website for the viewing pleasure of our St Catherine’s Community.

We would like to thank those who were part of the filming and recording process of the video. A special thank you to two of our Year 6 students from 2020, Amelia and John, who provided the narrations for the video. Another special thank you to Miranda Kehoe who presented us with a parent perspective for the video.

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