Contractors' Induction Guide

​Please read all files below that make up part of this Induction Guide prior to attending School to complete the work that you have been contracted to carry out.

This guide is designed to give contractors information on Brisbane Catholic Education’s (BCE) Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Contractor Management System and provide specific requirements when working at a BCE School.

The key purpose of this guide is to advise of:

  • work health & safety obligations - WHS Act 2011 & WHS Regulation 2011
  • hazards and their associated controls relevant to schools and BCEO, and
  • any relevant operational issues in the management of contractors.


  1. Read Contractor's Induction Manual + Site Specific Documentation
  2. Determine whether a Minor Contract or Major Contract by reading Contractor Classification Checklist
  3. If Major Contract (but no Principal Contractor), read Contractor Checklist - Site Specific Requirements and  Contractors' Safety Plan (According to s299 WHS Regulation 2011, a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is required for high risk construction work. s291 WHS Regulation 2011, shows what is defined as high risk construction work. s303 requires the contractor to keep a SWMS until the high risk construction work is completed.)
  4. Complete Contractor Induction Register
  5. Please bring the completed Contractor Induction Register to the School Office on the day you are undertaking the work (or you can email or fax the form to the School).​