Online Interview Bookings


Availabl​​​e 24/7

St Catherine's h​​as an easy to use Online Interview Booking Calendar, available 24/7, allowing families to book interview appointments when convenient to you and at your discretion, from any locatiion. 

The Online Interview Booking Calendar is available for booking interviews for:

  • Enrolment Interviews for new or existing families
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Prep Interviews

Once advised of the interview dates, appointment times can be booked through the St Catherine's Primary School Online Interview Booking Calendar website (link below).  

You can print a booking confirmation sheet, for your records, on completion of your contact details.

Instructions - Online Interview Booking Calendar Home Page

  1. On the dropdown box at the top right hand side of the Calendar screen, select relevant month for your appointment (if different to current month);
  2. Select that person’s name on the relevant day you require your booking;
  3. Select the time slot you require on the relevant day;
  4. Fill in the required information for your booking and select “Book” (place the word "NIL" if no information is to be inserted in relevant field); 
  5. Print your Booking Confirmation Sheet.        

To make a booking, go to:

Refer to the example below to fill in the appropriate information. 

Online interview booking