Notes and Rules for Active and Public Transport

Notes and Rules for Active and Public Transport​​​​​



  • Students are encouraged, where possible, to travel to an​d from school by bus. This helps to reduce traffic congestion at the school's gates and teaches students valuable skills for later in life.
  • The school bus arrives and departs from the bus stop on Newnham Road directly in front of the school.
  • For information about what other commuter bus services are available, students, parents and carers can visit Translink's Journey Planner at​.

The following commuter bus stops are located near to St Catherine's Catholic Primary School:

​The following commuter bus routes service St Catherine's Catholic Primary School:


  • Students, parents and carers are asked to cross roads at designated crossing points.
  • When crossing at traffic lights, only commence crossing when the green pedestrian signal is displayed and traffic has come to a complete stop.
  • When crossing at children's crossings, only commence crossing the road when directed by the crossing supervisor.
  • When crossing at pedestrian refuges and unsignalised intersections, only commence crossing when there is a suitable gap in traffic. Inexperienced pedestrians should be accompanied by an adult when crossing at these locations.​



Map of Walking, Cycling and Public Transport Stops


Students With Disability Travel Rebate - within BCC boundary

Student travel rebate applications are only open in May for Semester 1 and October for Semester 2.
Please visit the School Transport website first to check if you are eligible.