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 Frequently Asked Questions


Parents are required to notify the school whenever their child/ren is absent, late or leaving school early. There are several methods available to provide notification of these events to the school:


  • Via the Parent Portal – Parents click on the Attendance Variation icon and complete the web form.
  • Via email – Parents send an email to the classroom teacher prior to 8:30am. Please include as a carbon copy (Cc) the school office
  • Via telephone – Parents call the school on 3349 7188 prior to 8:30am and follow the prompts to leave a message for the classroom teacher. If choosing this method, messages for early collection from school need to be made prior to 2:00pm.
  • In Person – Parents enter the school office and provide details of the child’s absence.


If Parents are collecting a child from school early or are bringing a child to school late, they are required to present at the school office upon arrival. Parents are to complete the arrival/departure details on the Student Arrival/Departure Registration form, located at the front counter.

ABSENCES (extended)

Parents are required to notify the school in writing to seek approval from the Principal whenever their child/ren will be absent for more than two consecutive days during Term Time. This formal arrangement is in place to ensure accurate records of attendance are provided for the State Census.
There are two methods available to provide notification of these events to the school:
  •  Via the Parent PortalParents click on the Attendance Variation icon and complete the web form.
  •  Via emailParents send an email addressed to the Principal to the school office    

Please include the following: 

o    the name of the child/ren
o    their class
o   the reason for the absence
o   the intended last day at school
o   the intended first day returning to school.
 Upon receipt of the written request, official approval will be provided in writing from the Principal.


An assembly of the whole school is held weekly (Monday at 8.40am), hosted by a class. Student awards are presented, birthdays are celebrated, religious events are explained, national events commemorated and messages are relayed for the school week. Parents are most welcome to attend any assemblies (held in the Nano Nagle Centre). 


Our school is empathetic towards families who are undergoing separation.  We will attempt to support the family wherever we can with particular emphasis on the children.  We ask that the Principal be notified as soon as possible of issues so that we can plan around them.  As a school we must follow the legislative requirements and need to be able to work through these with parents.  If there are any Court Orders it is important that the school be given a copy which clearly indicates the Court’s official stamp.  


All volunteers  must have completed the mandatory Volunteer Student Protection Training. All visitors on site (including parents and grandparents) must sign in and out at the Volunteer window near the office.  You will be supplied a badge to wear whilst you are on site.  Please do not go to a classroom without having signed in at the office. 


The Commonwealth Bank offers a banking service to St Catherine's School.  Banking Day is determined at the commencement of each year.  Information concerning the opening of new accounts will be provided during the first few weeks of the school year.   Money to be banked should be securely enclosed in the bank book provided. 


Contractors must have completed the mandatory Contractor Induction Training. All Contractors must sign in and out at the office, and wear a badge whilst on site.