St Catherine's Students Raise Money for Rosies

For it is in giving that we receive…St Francis of Assisi
During the recent school holidays, three Year 4 students used some of their time to raise money for charity. Sarah H, Melody W and Sedona K, also known as SMS, put their baking skills to good use over the holidays to prepare and bake a variety of sweet snacks to be sold.  They collected and presented the tasty baked treats for sale in a neighbourhood Cake Stall.

The girls were inspired by a Unit on Religion and History that they remembered from Year 3 with their teacher Mrs Fogarty. The unit was about how people in the community give back to others who are less fortunate. The class had talked about Community Groups and how they provide support to the less fortunate. The class also discussed the ways individuals could give back to the community and brainstormed ideas for ways they could potentially help as individuals.

Sarah, Melody, and Sedona (SMS) decided that they would make a difference. Sarah's mum has a friend who works at Rosies – Friends on the Street, so they chose Rosies as the charity that would benefit from their donation.

They organised themselves to hold a Cake Stall for their neighbourhood and friends over the school holidays to raise money for charity. The girls baked cupcakes biscuits, made lolly bags and popcorn bags.  They set up the Cake Stall at Sarah's home and friends and neighbours visited the sale. Neve W, a fellow Year 4 student and friend, was the girls' first customer and supporter on the day.

The SMS stall raised $280 for their charity, Rosies, which was a fantastic effort!

Sarah, Melody and Sedona delivered their donation directly to Rosie's charity office and were given the opportunity to see first-hand where their donation will be spent to help others. They saw inside Rosies' new van, equipped with mini fridge, coffee maker, storage, workbench and “with enough room for 10 volunteers" the girls said!

Rosies gave Sarah, Melody and Sedona a certificate for their Cake Bake sale donation.

The girls are pleased with the success of their stall and are keen to prepare another stall at St Catherine's for charity. When asked what they liked best about the experience at Rosies', the girls unanimously declared that they “liked seeing where the money went to buy food". Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

Congratulations girls on a generous and thoughtful contribution to our community!
You are an inspiration to us all!