Around Our School

Now that Term 1 is drawing to a close we are able to reflect on the wonderful learning achieved. In this article we have focused on Physical Education.

Around Our School - Physical Education in Term 1


Term 1 challenged our Prep and Year 1 students to further develop their Perceptual Motor Skills.  We presented repeated physical and sensory experiences to the students to determine how they will react to their surrounding environment. A greater range of experiences develops better perceptions and automation of motor skills which allows the brain to be free for higher order thinking.

For this program to be remotely successful we rely on parent helpers and we have had some wonderful volunteers this term. Thank you! The children benefit greatly from your generosity.



Years 2 - 6 students have toe-tapped their way to learning the 'Queensland Backstep' and the more complex 'Strip the Willow' Bush Dances.  Students had to listen to the 'call' and perform the moves to the music.  Whilst learning moves such as the do-si-do, we also discussed the social connectedness bush dancing provided in the colonial days.  Students also were able to experience this in real life at our own St Catherine's Welcome Bush Dance.



Badminton was our second unit for Yr 2 - 6 students this term, allowing students the chance to demonstrate badminton basics such as racket grip and efficient footwork for successful rallying.  We initially utilised beanbags to catch, then progressed to hand balloon tennis then introduced rackets, introducing shuttlecocks when confident of the basics.  During self-umpired games, students were assessed on their ethical behaviour and fair play skills.