Zone 2 Swimming Carnival

‚ÄčOne of our students, Bill E from Yr 6 has written a recount of his experience at  our recent Zone 2 Swimming Carnival ...

As many teachers and students are aware, on Friday 16 March, St Catherine's team travelled to Chandler pool to participate in the Zone 2 Swimming Carnival held at the Chandler Aquatics Centre. The selected students participated in a day of individual and team swimming events. The Chandler Aquatics Centre pool and diving complex was used in the 1982 Commonwealth Games.  It was incredible to know that the pool we were swimming in was the same one in which past champions also swam.

St Catherine's had forty-one students competing against ten other schools in Division 1.  Some of us were first time competitors which made it a nerve-wracking experience.  St Catherine's achieved first, second and third in both individual and team events.  Our school came fifth overall but we came third in percentages.  As the events continued each school got a sense of competitive atmosphere and were determined to win. 

The Chandler Aquatics Centre pool was Olympic sized equivalent to fifty metres.  I personally enjoyed the touch pads that sent your time up onto the result board.  I noticed many competitors looking up at the result board to see their time as soon as they finished. This leads me to believe that others liked it as well.

I think the highlights of the day were when the race you participated in was called and you had to go down to the marshalling area.  I found this to be the most exhilarating yet nerve-wracking part of the day.  The most memorable moment for me was when I was called down with my team for the freestyle relays. It was great to be able to swim with a team of friends and cheer them on as we waited to race.

I would like to thank the parents for supporting our team throughout the day and the teachers who  took us to Chandler. I will never forget this experience.

-Bill E (Year 6)