Primary Poetry Festival

The St Catherine’s Poetry Festival held earlier this term, was a fabulous forum for budding poets. Children had a chance to practise their skills and to perform in front of an audience. While many stepped out of their comfort zone to participate, some students showed a natural flair and some real talent in performing their poems.
The following children were selected to perform at the Primary Poetry Festival at St William’s, Grovely on Friday 16 June.  The children who performed were: Hannah, Amelia, Holly, John and Ben in the Years 3 & 4 Section.  Selected for the Years 5 & 6 Section were: Chloe, Savanna, Abbey, Madi, Kaylin, Shae and Hans. Two students showing great promise from Year 2 were also invited: Sedona and Sophie, who were ineligible to compete but performed as up and coming stars of the future!
Six children were awarded on their performances and all six of them were from St Catherine’s. We are proud of all of the students and we congratulate the following winners on their outstanding performances: Chloe, Savanna, Kaylin, John, Holly and Hannah.
Our thanks go to the Year 6 teachers for their interest in and organisation of both of these poetry events. The staff at St Catherine’s is so supportive of giving the children exposure to a wide variety of experiences and this generosity of time and spirit is a great advantage for our students. Thanks, Mrs Trenow, for escorting our poets on Friday.