Coding Kids at St Catherine's

2017 has been a creative and technologically exciting year at St Catherine's. The Year 2-6 students have been hard at work: innovating, creating and inventing. They learned to code and have built their own computer games, animation stories and interactive digital art. Students also invented their own musical instruments and game controllers by building circuits using everyday objects such as fruit and lollies. Coding Mentor Munga Almasi says, “Coding Kids students have impressed me so much when looking at what they have accomplished this year. These students are fast learners, quick in debugging code, and have developed a strong understanding of the functionality of coding. They are able to break down a big chunk of code into small steps, testing and debugging code and are very creative coders. I am impressed with what our students can do." Join us these school holidays for Code Camp where we will be learning about 3D design and printing, coding, robotics, circuitry and more. See you back at
St Catherine's with new programs, new projects and new challenges for 2018.