Book Fair 2017

  Thank you!  The 2017 Book Fair earned over $2800 commission for new resources and books.


Congratulations to all those who supported our annual Book Fair! Sales were very pleasing with over $9000 worth of stock sold, earning us a commission from the Book Warehouse and Scholastic of more than $2800.  This is a wonderful boost to the library budget at this time of the year and it allows us to shop the end of year sales for teaching resources and books for the general collection. A wonderful achievement.



Naturally, a huge 'Thank You' must be extended to the very generous parents who helped out with writing 'Wish Lists' and selling the books.  It was extremely busy at times and each one of them was invaluable as they took orders and processed payments.  To each one of you who helped – Thank You!  You were amazing and it was greatly appreciated.