Enrolment Policy Outcomes

The following actions ​result from the application of the St Catherine’s Enrolment Policy.

St Catherine’s S​​chool will:

Catholic​ Identity

  • promote the School Covenant to all prospective families.
  • ensure that enrolment process and patterns contribute to and maintain the Catholic identity of the school community.
  • link pastorally and strategically with St Catherine’s Parish.

Pastoral and E​ducational

  • respond proactively to the changing situations of families.
  • develop local procedures for the enrolment of students through consultation with community representatives.
  • provide information about opportunities and expectations for participation in school community life.


  • ensure that enrolment processes for students with special needs follow ​​the Enrolment Application and Support Procedures for Students with Special Educational Needs (2002) of Brisbane Catholic Education
  • actively provide adequate information about all aspects of the school to prospective families.
  • review enrolment policies and procedures in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education policies.