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 Grievance Resolution Policy


At St Catherine’s we are committed to care for each person in our school.  We acknowledge that grievances may arise within the school community.  In our community, the just resolution of grievances is founded on mutual respect and open communication.



Parents/caregivers are concerned about the wellbeing, safety and education of their children at our school.  As co-educators of their children and members of the St Catherine’s school community, parents have a right to be involved in their child’s learning, to be informed about their progress and to voice their concerns when issues arise.



In resolving grievances:

  •  the best interest of the child is the primary focus of any discussion or outcome;
  • while it is recognised that some issues may be emotive, communication between parties will be respectful and aimed at achieving meaningful resolution;
  • the rights, responsibilities and expectations articulated in the St Catherine’s School Behaviour Management Plan apply;
  • the outcomes are mutually agreed  and there is a willingness to restore productive partnerships;
  • confidentiality must always be respected by all parties;
  • at no time is it acceptable for a parent/caregiver to address another  child directly about the concerns;
  • it is best that parents/caregivers refrain from approaching other parents/ caregivers;
  • it is expected that the child’s class teacher will be consulted in the first instance. However, for significant or unlawful matters, direct referral to the School Administration team is appropriate.



  • The initial point of contact for most issues or concerns will be by discussion with the classroom teacher arranged at a mutually suitable time
  • When a matter is raised with the teacher, the teacher needs to address the matter within a reasonable time.  The teacher is to ensure that the parent/caregiver is advised of action taken and any outcome
  • If the parent/caregiver is dissatisfied with the response or actions by the teacher or does not believe that a satisfactory outcome has been achieved, the parent is encouraged to discuss the matter by appointment with a member of the School Administration team
  • The School Administration team member will respond to assist the parties to achieve resolution of the concerns
  • If the parent/caregiver is dissatisfied with the process taken by the school to resolve the grievance referral to the Area Supervisor - Brisbane Catholic Education can be made.