Volunteering at School

​Training, Registering & Signing In

Volunteers, be they parents, grandparents or friends of​​​ St Catherine’s Primary School, are very welcome at the School and are a critical part of daily school life. Assistance, whether it is as a volunteer in the classroom, tuckshop, uniform shop, excursions, working bees, P & F activities or sporting carnivals, enhances the quality of your child’s teaching and learning experience.

Training of Volunteers is now mandatory in Queensland under The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian (CCYPCG) Act. Most of these training expectations are in relation to Child Protection and exist for the good of all students in our care. 
All volunteers  must now be trained ANNUALLY in Student Protection and Safety Protocols before they can lend their skills and services within the School Community, whether it is as a
volunteer in the classroom, tuckshop, uniform shop, working bees, P & F activities or sporting carnivals.
All parents, grandparents and friends who undertake the training will sign the appropriate documentation and agree to a Volunteer Code of Conduct and be officially registered as a volunteer at St Catherine’s. If you are a non-Legal Guardian volunteer (for example step-parents and grandparents), you must also hold a positive notice Blue Card.

There are some very specific expectations on schools in relation to Volunteers who work in the school.

BCE Student Protection and Code of Conduct Training for Volunteers and Other Personnel


EACH YEAR, all volunteers at St Catherine’s, including parents, must complete the necessary training by following these steps, PRIOR TO COMMENCING THEIR ROLE AS A VOLUNTEER:

  1.  All volunteers must download and read the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel Handbook
  2.  All volunteers must complete the online  Student Protection and Code of Conduct Training for Volunteers and Other Personnel
  3.  You will need to download, print and complete your registration form, which is contained within your online training as proof of completion. Please return the completed form to the school office prior to commencing your role, as all volunteers must be registered with the school.
  4. Once registered as a volunteer, every time you visit St Catherine’s to work as a volunteer, you must report to the School Office to record your name, time of arrival/departure and indicate that you are a registered volunteer within the School.   If you are a non-Legal Guardian volunteer, you must also record your Blue Card number and its expiry date. 

Additional step for Non-Legal Guardian Volunteers (this includes step-parents and grandparents of school students):

  1. All non-Legal Guardian volunteers (for example, step-parents and grandparents) must undergo employment screening and receive a positive notice Blue Card for Volunteers.  Under the new Legislation, this positive notice is now an essential requirement for non-Legal Guardian volunteers. The non-Legal Guardian volunteer cannot be engaged by the school until the positive notice Blue Card is received.  For non-Legal Guardian volunteers to apply for a Blue Card, go to www.bluecard.qld.gov.au to download the relevant Application Form for Volunteers (processed free of charge). 

Please be aware that all names of Registered Volunteers will be made available to interested parties of St Catherine's.